Design Thinking

  • Can turn any business model into a delightful experience and powerful brand.
  • Helps create products and services customers desire.
  • Uses a four stage process: Discover » Design » Refine » Deliver to create wholistic  experiences.


  • Gather insights and inspiration for the project.
  • Immerse the team in the problem space; the users, the tasks, the context, the competition, and the technology.
  • Conduct research and analysis for deep understanding of the customer, their behaviors, beliefs, and expectations.
    • Ethnographic field research (observations, interviews, contextual inquiry)
    • Research interpertation and analysis (affinity diagraming, personas, use cases, workflow models)
    • Conceptualization (sketches, conceptual models)
    • Human factors and ergonomics research
    • Design reviews (heuristic evaluations)
    • Competitive experience analysis


  • The magic starts as great concepts become visual.
  • Generate numerous concepts that provide a vision which stakeholders can grasp and feed into.
    • Brainstorming, innovation, and invention
    • Interaction and user interface design
    • Web and information architecture
    • Industrial design and product design
    • Mockups, sketches, and prototypes (low to high fidelity)
    • Branding, visual, and corporate identity


  • Work closely with the team to ensure solutions account for the technical constraints, market considerations, and end user requirements.
  • Ensure that final design is buildable, sellable, and usable.
    • User interface specifications
    • Graphic design, illustration
    • Industrial design, 3D visualization, CAD, and materials selection
    • User testing including usability evaluation and reporting
    • Accessibility and 508 compliance


  • Build and validate. Follow through with teams to solve issues that come up during implementation.
    • Final user interface specification or style guide
    • Implementation ready graphic resources
    • Motion graphics, videography, photography
    • Development and coding