The strategy is deceptively simple.

Design delightful and productive, products, services, and experiences for people.


A combination of the business case, technology, and user experience design
creates the experience people have interacting with technology.

Business case answers the “Why” question, why will this drive revenue.
Technology is “How” to build and engineer the solution.
User Experience answers “What” to design for customer satisfaction, ease-of-use, and delight.


‘Easy-to-use’ doesn’t just happen, it is by design,
using a collaborative process.

 – Brenton Elmore

Great experiences

+ Increase ease of use and customer satisfaction
+ Improve conversion and sales
+ Provide a competitive edge because products are pleasure to use
+ Lower the barrier to entry

Poor experiences

– Command higher training costs
– Increase support costs
– Hurt organizations with negative word of mouth