Experience Design and Innovation

Designing world-class user experiences requires up-front innovation and execution on countless details. Design services take a variety of forms depending on needs. Brenton has expertise in a variety of industries including enterprise, scientific research, consumer, education, and entertainment.

Design Thinking 

Collaborative methods to achieve amazing design solutions and opportunities for innovation.

Ethnographic Field Research and AnalysisEthnographic Field Research

Gain powerful insights into your customers and users.

Behavioral and Attitudinal Research

Learn about attitudes and preferences directly from users.

Human Factors

Make smart choices based on human capability.Human Factors

Interaction Design

Design interactive experiences centered around the human perspective.

Web Site and Information Architecture

Smart web design based on users and their tasks.

Accessibility and Section 508 complianceAccessible Design and Section 508

Designing equal access solutions is not only a smart business strategy, it’s the law in some cases.

Branding and Identity

Designing a system that conveys a companies promise to their customers.

Graphic Design

Making an impact through visual messages.

Sustainable Design Usability Testing

Considering the environmental impact, and sustainable design alternatives.

Usability Testing

Metric based improvements to the usability of anything.