Cisco’s StadiumVision

Growth is all about the fan experience 

– Peter Brickman, CTO MetLife Stadium

Brenton’s challenge was to help Cisco’s StadiumVision team re-invent the ultimate fan experience.  The fan experience is the key, not technology in the stadium. People should feel special, and connected to the their team or event.  StadiumVision had to be a premium content experience for the entire family.

This project covers the design of StadiumVision’s luxury suite experience offering.

Discovery, Research & Understanding

First we conducted in-stadium field research and usability testing to baseline the existing components including: the fans, the venue owners, concessionaires, digital solutions, services, signage, brand, way-finding, and content.

A majority of fans now prefer the inhome HDTV sporting experience. Our challenge was to up the stakes and give fans a reason to come to the venue.

Industry data explains the top three reasons fans attend live sports events area:

  • For the atmosphere
  • Fun with fun with friends and family
  • A passionate for favorite athlete

We knew the Cisco solution could enhance all of the above, if we bring the benefits of HDTV to the fans.  Our team created concepts on how StadiumVision could use interactive technology and private in-stadium content to elevate the experience beyond traditional expectations.  The design theme was to provide the best luxury suite experience with the ultimate in content and services.

Luxury suite fans have very high service expectations.  Our solution had to be quick and simple.  The suite experience would include premium customization of in suite content, in suite dining ordering, and delivery of merchandise.

Journey maps and user flows were created to understand the experience with the content including:

  • In-venue feeds, private content streams not available at home
  • Cable and satellite, ability to watch other events, programs, shows, news
  • Replays in the stadium, access and control
  • Additional media, including multiple camera angles
  • Games, contests, targeted offers


Designs explored interaction methods, targeted advertising for enhanced revenue, and devices to control and interact with the solution. The StadiumVision system contains a content server and media players at each endpoint. Each luxury suite is controlled by a Cisco Touchscreen phone with at least one HDTV. Optional interfaces include iPhone and iPad apps, remote controls, and customized tablets. UI specifications were created for interactions, graphics, deployment, commerce display and ordering.
















Cisco solutions are helping us use our new home to deliver the biggest and best experience in the world of sports and entertainment

– Jerry Jones, owner of Dallas Cowboys


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