Brenton Elmore


Cognitive Computing to Empower People

2016: Empowering people through natural language, machine learning, and cognitive computing.


Brenton Leads A Game Changing Enterprise Solution @ IBM

2014: Designing an enterprise data protection solution that creates emotional connections with people and speeds up daily data protection tasks, using IBM Design Thinking.


Design “Thrills” IBM Customers and “Amazes” Analysts

2013: UX evolved early code into a fresh user experience that thrills users.


UX Research Defines a New IBM Product Vision

2012: UX field research helps the team create a foundational 5 year vision to prototype. This is achieved in just 4 months for IBM’s data protection solution.


Suite of Native Smartphone Apps

2011: An opportunity to move beyond existing expectations by smartphone users.

Kiosk for New Orleans Hornets

Reimagining The Stadium Experience — Wayfinding Kiosk

2010: A solution that provides wayfinding services, seat location, video agent help, and real-time marketing opportunities.


Reimagining The Stadium Experience — Luxury Suites

2009: The solution provides sports venues and business partners new fan engagement and revenue growth opportunities.


Empowering Scientific Collaboration for Scientists and Educators

2009: Build a web site and collaboration tools for plant scientists, educators, and students using supercomputers, to enable new scientific discoveries.


Radically Simple Backup

2008: Seagate’s Magic Backup.


UI Innovation in the Enterprise

2003: Five years before the iPhone … we designed the experience for color touch phones in the enterprise.


Storytelling Through Visual Design

1999: The challenge was to tell a story and create a visual design that reflects the personality of the author, and high standards of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.